Sunday, 15 July 2007

Small Update.....

Well as you can see by the lack of postings etc I have been somewhat absent, I have been rather busy lately, but not crafting as much I would like! I started a new job hence my absence as I have taken a bit of time to get in to the swing of juggling work, house, 3 kids and crafts but I'm getting there!
I have dropped a couple of WIP's I'm not enjoying them what so ever so have scrapped them and focussing on some others instead!
Current WIP List is:-
Forest Canopy Shawl number 1
Forest Canopy Shawl number 2
Shoalwater Shawl
Mystery Stole 3 Knitalong through the pinklemontwist designer
Cozy Shrug from Knitty
Stripey Crochet Blanket
Current Projects in the naughty corner:-
First steps cardigan - all garter stitch, I am totally bored with it
Sock - Struggling with all the dpn's etc

A Completed Item!!!!!

81 inches long, knitted in recycled sari silk yarn from Angel Yarns on 20mm needles, love the finished effect of the yarn and am going to make another eventually for myself, this one is for a friend.