Thursday, 12 November 2009

New in at Rainbow Crafts.....

..... The creative juices have been alive and well tonight! There are 2 new ranges of stitch markers available in my store!

Allow me to introduce them:-

Oriental set of 6, I love these if I do say so myself! I might hold them hostage if no one buys them! I have 2 sets available.

Swiftly followed by a very cute set of 5 markers, funky purple set, flowery and stripey!!! 2 sets available.

Both sets are available in my store:-

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Getting Crafty.....

......My lounge at the moment is an array of beads, findings, tools and all sorts!!! I am creating new stock for the web site! Keep browsing for sneak peeks of new products that I hope to have for sale by the weekend!!!
On a technological side I now have a fan page for Rainbow Crafts on Face Book! Go have a look, lots of pictures of stock old new and current! If you like what you see become a fan and spread the word!!!

Monday, 9 November 2009

Custom Items.....

.......When a very good friend and customer of mine asks if I can create her a unique jewellery set to compliment a stole she's making I jumped at the challenge and this is what I created!

A simple yet elegant charm bracelet made with simple tibetan silver charms and some very dark beads with a beautiful almost peacock colour type sheen!

And matching earrings! Stunning silver swirled findings with the same dark beads as used in the bracelet!

Rainbow Crafts!

Come on now folks.....let's face it, it's November and that means Christmas is looming. Most people should be starting to (if they haven't already) look for the perfect gift.
Do you know anyone who loves knitting? Hand made stitch markers are in stock NOW!
Love hand made unique Jewellery? Plenty in stock!!!
Forever on the mobile? Like unique accessories??? Have a look at the Bag / Phone Charms in stock NOW!!!
Got a special teeny person in your life? Check out my hand made Taggle blankets! Just gorgeous for little ones to snuggle up to!
All items in the store are unique and hand made by me!

Getting My Act Together.....

.......Hello all!!! I'm back at the blog! Only taken me since March to get my act sorted with it but once again I am feeling inclined to really get my teeth into something and make a huge show off that I am here and I am proud of what I do!!!
To kick it off I have re-vamped the blog! Hope you like it!!!
Pull up a chair, get comfy and have a good look round! Lots of pictures to browse, links to look at and much more. Including my waffling if you can bear it!!!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A New Look.....

......I fancied a change so I have altered the background of my blog! A fresh start as it were and I promise to try not to neglect it so much!

Where have I been???

A very extremely belated Happy New Year to anyone who reads this or stumbles across it!!!
To answer my question, Where have I been??? It was an immensely chaotic end to last year which saw me recovering from an operation to remove my gall bladder that I had NO idea I had a problem with! That was late November, before I knew it christmas was upon us! Then I went to Plymouth to see the new year in with my new man and his family while my tribe spent some time with their father!
On a personal front the seperation from my husband has all settled down, I'm in a new relationship and very happy. My divorce will soon be finalised and other than him seeing our children etc I will be very glad to close that chapter of my life.
Crafting wise I have been very slow and not done masses since I completed the cats. I am as you can see still plugging away at the huge list on the left! I am determined to get some longer term projects finished and show some piccies! I have LOTS of new ideas and inspiration for projects and a rather large ever growing stash of yarns of all varieties to plough through!!!
On a link front, please do browse my *Links We Like* section, Sarah Barnard's writing blog has been altered a bit and a new link. Rainbow Crafts is a new store that I myself run selling my hand made stitch markers and so on!