Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The finished cats.....

The finished cats for my friends nieces. We shall be taking them with us when we go down to Plymouth for new year.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Jasmine's Cat

After completing the Margaret Sherry cat Purr-Pendicular for my friend, he asked if I could do 2 for his 2 nieces, different designs. So I hunted ebay and got 2 of her Calendar cats, September for Jasmine and January for Freyja. Here is the September Cat for Jasmine, it took me approximately 2 weeks to complete from start to finish. We will be giving them to his Nieces when we go to visit them for New year! The only editing I did to the design was to add on Jasmine's Name and Date of Birth, I just used some of the left over threads from the kit so it contrasted well with the design. Next to do is January's cat for Freyja!

First Cables!

I'm so pleased with how these are coming out! They are Evangeline long gloves, I'm using some wool I got from Krafty Koala (see links!), It'a aran weight and colour is called Midnight Lightening. I'm really thrilled with the effect the wool has, the white flash is so far spiralling round the glove! These will be fingerless gloves that go from hand to just before the elbow! I was dubious about making them as I have never knitted anything cabled but as you can see so far so good!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Feeling rather pleased with myself.....

Feeling really pleased with this sock! It's my 1st try, my friend gave me masses of help turning the heel but I managed it!!!! Just got to continue decreasing and finish the foot and my 1st sock is ready to go! The yarn is lovely, Opal 6 ply in *Parrot* colour way! Looking forward to completing this / these now!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Something Finished.....

At last some finished items! 2 Cross stitch offerings on this occasion.

Purr-Pendicular, a Cattitudes design by Margaret Sherry. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this picture but a very good friend of mine has fallen in love with the cheeky cat so it is to be framed and given to him!

Tigger Bookmark, I made this with no idea who it was for or what not, it has gone down to Plymouth with a friend for his sister who is Tigger mad!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

I'm back ish.....

Hi all, sorry I've been absent from blogging for what feels like an age and a day! Things with reality got a bit manic, I seperated from my husband so it's all been chaos! I'm settled into my new house with the 3 children and just getting back into the real swing of my crafting.
Having a bit of a fad with the cross stitch at the moment so while that takes my fancy I'm getting stuck into it. I keep picking up various bits of my huge list of current knitting and crochet projects but I'm struggling for inspiration!
Hopefully back soon with a pic or 2 of some completed work!

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Project update.....

Quickie post with project updates, I have been trying to wittle down a few projects either by completing them or frogging them!
Forest Canopy #2
Forest Canopy #3
Crochet Blanket for Nan
Crochet Blanket for Friends
Pretending I didn't start
Shoalwater Shawl
Wildflower Shawl
Crochet Star Blanket
Crochet Stripey Blanket
Recently Completed
Sophie Bag
Forest Canopy #1
Mystery Stole


Loved Knitting this, very quick easy knit! I hate hats as a rule but when I do the school run I'm sick of getting back with ear ache from the cold air so this seemed the perfect solution! Only took 2-3 evenings to knit and has been made from Krafty Koala hand dyed Aran weight on 5mm needles. Already planning a 2nd!

Friday, 4 January 2008

Forest Canopy Number One!

This was the last project of 2007 I finished. It was a long slog, I still have 2 more on the go! This actually was a trial run to see how I got on knitting lace. Verdict......Very pleased! So is my youngest daughter who has claimed it for herself :-) I knitted it in 4 ply wendy peterpan acrylic, I have blocked it again as a trial as I've never done any blocking either! Over all very pleased so onwards and upwards with number 2 and 3!

New Year.....New Plans.....

Life being what it is as a working married mum of 3 the crafting took a fair bit of a back burner. The kids are getting older and hopefully I'm getting a bit more time for me, my crafting and waffling!
My main aim is to complete some of my HUGE list of projects that I have on the go as well as work throu my mountains of stash. I am buying as little yarn as possible, there is plenty taking over the house lol.
Other than the knitting/crochet there is the general masses of stuff I need to clear out the house via ebay where possible and put a bit more effort into making and selling some stitch markers!
Wishing all you crafty bunch, and anyone else who reads my blog, a very happy and prosperous 2008!