Sunday, 9 September 2007

A New Link

My friend Sarah runs Ethics Trading, she's a single WAHM (work at home mum) with 2 children. She's truely passionate about all things Ethically and Fair traded as well as organics and naturals! Her speciality is soap nuts but she also has lots more to offer! Go check her out, link is in Links We Like and is there to stay!

Saturday, 8 September 2007

New Look

Was fed up with the dark dots so have brightened up and added new bits! Do be nosey and check out the new links bit (yes I FINALLY worked out how to add that in!) Having a slow crafting week but mainly due to my little madam who is 8 months old and teething like a trooper!
Anyhoo, I have been making oodles of stitch markers, some are now in my store, more are ready to go on (see Busy Beez Store or The Busy Beez Corner Ebay Store link) Other than that I am going to a wedding on October 12th 2007 and I am determined I will have Forest Canopy shawl #3 finished by then so I can wear it!
I have extended my stashalong until the 20th December at least, I fell of the wagon big time and I think possibly have more yarn now than when I started despite really trying!!!
Onwards and upwards!

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Snuggy Squares

Crochet baby comfort blankets! I passed one of these onto a friend with a young baby, he loves it so offered to make a couple of spares, only I ended up making a couple for big sisters baby dolls too as she likes to copy mummy! Used some fleecey feel acrylic yarn from my stash and crochetted them in a simple granny square style, nice quick and easy between big projects for an instant quick finish fix!


Crikey I am terrible at keeping up this blogging lark! *must try harder* Heard that LOTS before! Especially school reports!
Well, no finished projects since the sari silk stole, which my friend LOVED and wears as much as possible.
I am stash busting some wooly oddments into comfort blankets for a friends new baby, one done 3 to go!
Still mega busy between house, work and the kiddies but here's a WIP update
Currently OTN:-
Forest Canopy #1
Forest Canopy #2
Forest Canopy #3
Shoalwater Shawl
Mystery Stole
Cozy Shrug
Sock (new one, frogged the last one and gave it up as a bad job!)
Stripey Baby Blanket
Star Afghan
Naughty Corner:-
First Steps Cardi (project 5)