Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A New Look.....

......I fancied a change so I have altered the background of my blog! A fresh start as it were and I promise to try not to neglect it so much!

Where have I been???

A very extremely belated Happy New Year to anyone who reads this or stumbles across it!!!
To answer my question, Where have I been??? It was an immensely chaotic end to last year which saw me recovering from an operation to remove my gall bladder that I had NO idea I had a problem with! That was late November, before I knew it christmas was upon us! Then I went to Plymouth to see the new year in with my new man and his family while my tribe spent some time with their father!
On a personal front the seperation from my husband has all settled down, I'm in a new relationship and very happy. My divorce will soon be finalised and other than him seeing our children etc I will be very glad to close that chapter of my life.
Crafting wise I have been very slow and not done masses since I completed the cats. I am as you can see still plugging away at the huge list on the left! I am determined to get some longer term projects finished and show some piccies! I have LOTS of new ideas and inspiration for projects and a rather large ever growing stash of yarns of all varieties to plough through!!!
On a link front, please do browse my *Links We Like* section, Sarah Barnard's writing blog has been altered a bit and a new link. Rainbow Crafts is a new store that I myself run selling my hand made stitch markers and so on!