Monday, 30 April 2007

Another Project Started

I've just cast on the start of what I hope will look good when I finish it! I've now got shoalwater shawl on the pins. It's on my 4mm brittany birch needles for now but will be transferred to my new addi lace needles very soon. I'm knitting it in kaalund 2ply in the colourway Guava. It's the finest ply yarn I've ever worked with but touch wood so far so good! The yarn itself feels really nice and I do like the colourway very much. Will add piccies when there's something bigger than about a 50p piece hehe.

Lorna's Lace and Lane Borgosesia

Some other recent additions to my stash.

Lorna's Lace in Purple Iris, this is going to be used to knit Scotch Thistle Stole.

Good old loony boony in purple, this yarn looks and feels just gorgeous, though I am NOT looking forward to balling this it's so fine!

There's Needles and NEEDLES!!!!!

There was a pattern in a magazine some time back for a knitted stole in sari silk, I've promised to make one for a friend, the silk is on order but I thought seeing as stuff was coming through anyway I'd order my needles while I was at it, the pattern calls for cast on in 8mm and then move on to 20mm, OH MY GOD they're MONSTER needles lol, but looking forward to doing the stole. It should grow super fast on those pins anyway!

Also through the post today came my Addi Lace needles all the way from the USA! They feel lovely, am looking forward to casting on my shoal water shawl on these as I am planning to do it in kaalund 2ply.

Oooohhhhh New Stash!!!!!

My lovely postie brought me some fantastic new stash at the weekend only he took it away again and left me a red card to collect it cos he couldn't be bothered to deliver!!! So off I trundled to fetch it this morning!

An Opal starter kit complete with pattern yarn dpn's and stitch markers, a ball of opal in Catterpillar colour way, 2 pairs 4mm addi turbo's with 24 and 32 inch cables. There was also 2 pairs of brittanys as well but they are so big they will get a post all of their own hehe!!!

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Forest Canopy Progress

I've done 2 complete repeats on this now, I'm really enjoying it now I'm getting the gist of what I'm doing! I can safely say this project has started my lace knitting addiction and I have already lined up more lace projects to do as well!!!

Scraper Foil & Cross Stitch

While clearing out this weekend I fround 2 half started projects, my cattitudes cross stitch and a parrot picture scraper foil, well that inspired me, I finished the parrot picture and did some more to the cross stitch! I enjoy a bit of scraper foil as a change now and again but this is the 1st rainbow one I've done.

This is the cattitudes picture from the Margaret Sherry collection I'm doing, It's called purr-pendicular, it will be a cartoon cat hanging from a washing line when it's completed.

Been nice to do a bit of cross stitch again after so long, and sheer determination to complete at least some of my huge half finished list is keeping me going!

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Works In Progress...

Off the top of my head this is the list of current projects that are partiially started that I really ought to finish!!!
Cross Stitch:-
Wolf & Dreamcatcher Picture
Tigga Bookmark
Tiger Picture
Dreamcatcher Picture
Harebell Flower Panel
Cattitudes Picture
Oriental Butterfly Picture
2 x New Baby Cards
Latch Hook:-
Eeyore Rug
Santa Wreath
Labradore Mini Picture
Pansies Picture
Chinese Symbol Picture
Sirdar First Steps Book - Project 5 - Garter Stitch Cardigan
Forest Canopy Lace Shawl
Sealife Childs Blanket - My own design - Cheapy Acrylic Yarn
Stripey Baby Blanket - My own Design - Patons DK Cotton Various Colours
Unfortunately I have lost all interest and inspiration for Cross stitch and Needle point so I am ignoring them for now hehe, I am focussing more on my wooly interests and sticking at the Knitting, Crochet and Latch Hook as and when the mood takes!
My husband often refers to me as "Arfur" cos I only ever seemt o do "arfur job" Cheeky as he is I am beginning to see what he means now I have it in "black and white" the list of UFO's!!!

My First Post!

OOOhhhhh all swish and new! Never done this blogging lark before so please bear with my innane mundane waffling hehe. I am hoping that through regular updating here and publicly shaming my overly long list of unfinished projects I may well find sufficient inspiration to complete at least some of them!!! Along the way I hope to share moments of pleasure at the finished items and despair when I'm at my wits end with some funny bits thrown in for good measure! Right will stop waffling now and start listing my UFO's (un finished objects!)