Saturday, 19 May 2007

Slow Crafting Week...

Not had a good week and made next to no progress on any of my projects :-( Had a busy 1st half of the week, then managed to fall on one of my kids toys and fell full onto my right wrist so ended up with a mild sprain so that put the crafting on hold :-( My wrist is still somewhat achey but am using it more now and getting back to the knitting and crochet. Have even cast on yet ANOTHER project hehe, a Cozy shrug from Knitty in a deep wine red type colour. Just completed my first pattern repeat, so far so good I'm pleased with how it looks, I'm using wool from my stash, I believe it's a chunky acrylic but I don't have the ball band any more so not 100% certain, am making it on my 5mm brittany birch needles, these are such a joy to knit with! Will do piccies when I have done a bit more!

Monday, 14 May 2007

Project Update

Been tinkering with several of my current projects so here's some piccies of whats at what stage now.

Sari silk Stole, almost ready to add in 2nd hank.

Cardigan from sirdar first steps book (project 5), just cast on the left front panel.

My started attempt of my 1st ever sock, using catterpillar colourway from opal. Done 7 rows of the ribbing now.

Shoalwater shawl, really loving this project now I'm getting to grips with it, it's slow going but keeps the interest with the pattern repeats.

Forest canopy shawl, nearly finished the 4th pattern repeat now, and o pleased with how it's looking, this is my 1st ver lace project and attempt at knitting something other than a plain fluffy garter stitch scarf.

Crochet stripey blanket for a currently pregnant friend, better get cracking with this one, she's due very soon! Will be a vibrant array of colours still to add to this, including purple, green and a buttery yellow! All in patons DK cotton.

Green acrylic blanket for a friends daughter, this is to be quite big with a sea theme so will be adding some fish and sea theme embellishments to this when it's finished.

Another acrylic yarn blanket that I've started, I am hoping to do quite a lot of these as donations for the residents in the dementia care home where my Grandma is being looked after due to suffering quite severe senile dementia, the staff there are all so lovely and not many of the residents get visitors so I am doing as many as I can to donate to them all to cheer the place up a bit by way of thanks for the fantastic care the staff provide round the clock.

Monday, 7 May 2007

Some Finished Woolies

My rainbow crochet lap blanket for curling up on cold evenings, made using up some left over chunky acrylic yarn.

A rainbow hot water bottle cover, my own design from scratch, made again with chunky acrylic yarn. This was a request from a friend, I also made a second one for another friend but the rainbows cascade the other way, red top to purple bottom.

Mittens for my youngest daughter, this is the first item I ever knitted from a pattern, I was really thrilled with the finished item. Knitted in sirdar bonus flash DK.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Cross Stitch Progress

I really fell out with my knitting last night, couldn't do right for doing wrong and frogged it more times than I wanted to so it got put in the naughty corner and I sat with the good ole faithful cross stitch. Here's a little pic of my progress. Have almost completed all the solid stitching on the cat, just the bits on the washing line to do then backstitch the details on!

Margaret Sherry's Cattitude Range - Purr-Pendicular.

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Current Projects

This is the VERY beginnings of my Shoalwater Shawl. Im using 4mm Addi Turbo lace needles and Kaalund 2 ply yarn in Guava. Gorgeous autumnal colours.

Also on the go I have a very easy knit in the sari silk, it's simple garter stitch but looks lovely because of using the monster 20mm needles!

More Stash!!!

Sari silk! WOW this has to be the most unusual stuff I've worked with yet but I'm really enjoying how it looks and feels! I had 8 hanks, I've balled 2, almost completely used up 1 already!